Dad’s Place Ministries Charitable Fund

This fund distributes money to approved Christian nonprofit organizations for charitable purposes and serves as a " charity" to which Christians can donate with confidence that their money will be used for the cause of Christ.

Christian organizations with current SPIRITUAL-e™ In-Touch contracts may be eligible to receive a portion of this fund (not to exceed double their monthly fees to UNIphant Enterprises). Businesses who are customers of UNIphant Enterprises are encouraged to donate a percentage of their profits to this fund. Other sources for this fund include:

  1. Ten percent of all UNIphant Enterprises LLC profits or all payments (i.e., referral fees) from Internet "affiliate programs," whichever is greater

  2. PLUS-25™ Satisfaction GUARANTE-e™ Service payments and application fees

  3. OhMyWord™ royalties unclaimed after 90 days

This fund is managed by Dad’s Place Ministries, Inc., an IRS-approved 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Thurmont, Maryland. Legal and tax documents may be viewed at