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Life@Work --- A great magazine and online resource for Christian business people. $DONATION$
Life@Work Magazine

Christian Book Distributors --- An incredible selection of books, music, software and more ALL at discount prices. $$$DONATION$$$

Gospel Direct --- A Christian Superstore brought to you by Gospel Communications. $$$DONATION$$$
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Church and Bible Software --- These guys offer a wide variety of useful and reasonably priced software, including some great stuff for Christian ministry and study. $$$DONATION$$$

Just Give --- An online charitable giving service. 100% goes to charity. Secular. $$$DONATION$$$
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  1. General Christian Resources
  2. Evangelism Resources
  3. Online Christian Bookstores
  4. Internet Service Providers 
  5. Web Hosting Providers
  6. Online Donation Services
  7. Free Graphics etc.
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General Christian Resources

Christian Business Men's Committee -- CBMC is connecting business and the marketplace to Christ.

Gospel Communications -- Probably the Biggest Online Christian Presence & One of the Most Successful.

Cybergrace Christian Network -- Lots of Great Sites.

Christian Research Institute -- Answers From the Bible. Lots of good books and free articles. Associated with Hank Hannegraff of the Bible Answer Man radio show. -- A Christian Portal to the Internet.

LightSource -- Christian Programming and Resources.

OnePlace -- More Christian Broadcasts & Resources.

Christianity Today -- Online/offline Christian magazine and portal site.

World Magazine -- Another great (weekly) Online/offline Christian magazine.

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Evangelism Resources

The ICHTHUS projecT™ -- This program provides a unique new approach to sharing the Gospel.  It’s a fun, seeker sensitive approach to the Great Commission involving luggage tags and automobile windshields. See especially which is the seeker entry point.

Evangelism Toolbox -- The ultimate database for Christian resources to share your faith in Christ, offered by many of the top evangelical organizations worldwide. Lots of FREE useful resources for both online and offline evangelism.

Willow Creek Association: WillowNet -- This is the church's outreach to help equip other churches for seeker-sensitive evangelism.

Web Evangelism Guide -- An incredible treasure trove of help and resources for Internet-based evangelism. Sign up for the free online newsletter.

eXtremeWitness -- This project was created with the inspiration that those best able to use the internet and similar technologies to share the Christian faith are those who grew up with such technologies and with the understanding that such youth might need some encouragement.

Online Guidance --- Answers for life...from the well respected ministry of Gospel Communications.

Christian Answers Network --- Respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about life and the Christian faith (Courtesy of Eden Communications)

Questions Others Ask Christians --- Questions Skeptics, Hindus, Generation X-er's, Muslims, and Jehovah's Witnesses ask Christians (Courtesy of Sammy Tippit Ministries)

Tough Questions and Some Answers --- Questions of Christians from the modern day skeptic... and some answers from Faith Facts and the Christian Information Foundation.

Give Me An Answer --- Questions and answers from the book "Give Me an Answer" by Cliffe Knechtle.  The book contains many more questions and answers. Copyright 1986 by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the USA. 

Are you a skeptic? --- Josh McDowell was a skeptic too until he took a good hard look at the claims of Jesus Christ.  Read his brief story online and order a FREE copy of his very popular book, More Than A Carpenter or obtain other resources.

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Online Christian Bookstores

Christian Book Distributors -- Books, music and more at discount prices. Several items, in particular, that you may find useful are...

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Family Christian Stores -- More books and music and stuff.

LifeWay Christian Stores -- More books and music and stuff.

God's World Book Club -- More books (especially homeschooling resources).

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Online Donation Services (most not limited to Christian orgs)

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Internet Service Providers 

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Web Hosting Providers

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Free Graphics etc.

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Free Tools, Content, etc.

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Other Free Resources and Lists of Resources

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SEE ALSO[FREE STUFF list by UNIphant Enterprises including Christian freebies]

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