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1GovSource --- Help for getting government contracts. $DONATION$

FirstGov Portal Site --- The federal government's attempt to provide a single point of entry for (theoretically) all government services on the Internet. If you looking for something which isn't listed below, you might try FirstGov as a way of finding it.

Small Business Administration --- The federal government's primary portal to small-business information, the SBA site covers everything from how to secure financing to how to expand overseas to where to find business shareware.

Library of Congress Research Page --- A must for all good research, business and otherwise.

U.S. Copyright Office --- Learn about the copyright registration process, search Copyright Office records through the Library of Congress Information System, read about recent legislation, and access forms and publications.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office --- Detailed information about applying for patents and trademarks, a database of patents and an electronic application system for registering a trademark.

Department of Commerce --- Oversees many offices, institutes and bureaus of interest to small-business owners, including the Minority Business Development Agency, the International Trade Administration and others.

Department of Labor --- Responsible for more than 180 federal statutes protecting workers' wages, health and safety, and governing programs such as workers' compensation and unemployment insurance.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission --- Enforces federal laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of a person's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability. Web site has a "Quick Start -- Employers" section that offers a basic introduction to employers' rights and responsibilities. Also, a "Small Business Information" page, which answers frequently asked questions about small companies' compliance with discrimination laws.

Write Your Congressional Representatives --- An easy way to voice your opinions to our federal lawmakers, either online or off.

Internal Revenue Service --- No introduction needed. If you don't find them, they'll find you. Online publications, forms, and more.

We are continually adding new resources to this directory. Please visit often and watch for new arrivals.

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