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Legal and Financial Software --- These guys offer a wide variety of useful and reasonably priced software, including some great stuff for helping you manage legal and financial matters. $$$DONATION$$$ Legal

U.S. Copyright Office --- Learn about the copyright registration process, search Copyright Office records through the Library of Congress Information System, read about recent legislation, and access forms and publications.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office --- Detailed information about applying for patents and trademarks, a database of patents and an electronic application system for registering a trademark.

Franklin Pierce Law Center --- Lots of patent, trademark & copyright information, including articles on Internet copyright and how to avoid patent, trademark and copyright problems.

Copyright Society of the USA --- This web site is maintained by Duke University School of Law. It offers a useful overview of copyright laws in a section titled FACE Friends of Active Copyright Education. You can read about copyright regulations governing moving images, the Internet, words, music and still images, and international copyrights.

International Trademark Association --- ITA pursues public policy matters related to trademarks and educates businesses, the media and the public on the proper use of trademarks. Many online articles available.

Association of Patent Law Firms --- National association of law firms that devote a majority of their practices to patent law.

Tips on patenting --- Compilation of articles on topics such as trade secrets and patent insurance and more.

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